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Arjun Tremblay

Chercheur associé

Intérêts de recherche

Formation académique

2017 Stagiaire Postdoctoral, Chaire de Recherche du Canada en études canadiennes et québécoises (CRÉCQ), UQAM

2017 Ph.D. in Political Science University of Toronto Specialization in Comparative Politics Dissertation Title : “Explaining Multiculturalism’s Survival : Electoral Outcomes, Policy Design and Veto Players"

2004 MPPPA Degree (Masters in Public Policy and Public Administration) Concordia University Specialization in International Relations, Public Administration, & Strategic Decision-Making

2001 Bachelors Degree with Distinction (Communications Studies) Concordia University Specialization in Film Production


2017 UQAM, "Politique, État et Minorités"

2012-2015 Concordia University, Department of Political Science, Limited Term Appointment in Canadian and Comparative Politics

Sep. 2011 – Dec 2011 UQAM, “Questions Politiques Canadienne et Quebecoises”


Book (confirmed contract with University of Toronto Press), "Governance in Québec" with Alain-G. Gagnon

Book Review Essay, “Constitutionalizing Secession in Federalized States : A Procedural Approach” and “Defunct Federalisms : Critical Perspectives on Federal Failure” Publius, 2009, Vol.39, no.4, pp.712-716. Review, “Arenas of Power”, Review of Politics 2010.

Review, “Governing the Present : Administering Economic, Social and Personal Life” Democratization, 2009, vol.16, no.3, pp.628-629

Review, “Democracy and Human Rights in Multicultural Societies” 2009, Political Studies Quarterly, pp. 397-398.

Review, “Democracy and the Rise of Women’s Movements in Sub-Saharan Africa” Canadian Journal of Political Science, 2009, Vol. 42, pp. 279-280.

Review, “Assessing the Quality of Democracy” Canadian Journal of Political Science, 2007, Vol. 40, no. 04, pp. 1049-1050.


“Rule-making and Rule-breaking : Nuancing the Backlash Against Multiculturalism” Accepted for the 2012 annual meeting of the Canadian Political Science Association.

“Protecting the Rights of Territorializing Minorities” Paper presented at Territorialité, Identité, et Justice Mondiale organized by le Centre de recherche interdisciplinaire sur la diversité (CRIDAQ) at the Université de Quebec à Montreal, 2011 Panel “Policy, Identity and the Politics of Difference” Accepted for 2011 annual meeting of the American Political Science Association (APSA) “Minority Moments or Majority Moments ?” Paper Presented at the American Political Science Association (APSA) 2011 “Testing the Impact of Nation-building Policies on the Institutionalization of Difference : Multiculturalism Policies in the United Kingdom after 2001” Seminaire de la Releve, Groupe de recherche sur les societies plurinationales 2011, Trudeau Center, Montreal, QC.

“Perceptions of Time and the Resolution of Long-Lasting Conflict” Paper presented at International Studies Association (ISA) 2008.

Discussant, “Multination States : East and West” EDG Conference (Ethnicity and Democratic Governance, Queens University and the University of Toronto) 2008

Prix et distinctions

2008 – 2010 Academic Don Political Science/Writing Instructor, Trinity College at the University of Toronto

2008 – 2009 OGS (Ontario Graduate Scholarship) 15,000$

2007 – 2008 OGS (Ontario Graduate Scholarship) 15,000$

2005 – 2008 Resident Junior Fellow Massey College, University of Toronto